NDK compile error

The current system has a problem with the latest android native development kit (NDK), please downgrade to version r22.* - then things should be fine.

Android Build in Windows

  1. 35GB of HDD needed for project building. It doesn't cover android emulator vm.
  2. Run cargo install cargo-make so that cargo make can be executed.
  3. Run cargo make android in root directory.
  4. Open sdk manager in android studio and install Google Play x86_64 API 30 image and Android SDK Platform 30.
  • API 31+ image is not launching in windows for now.
  • This apk is not working on x86 image of API 30.
  • API 32 doesn't contain x86 image now.
  1. Open virtual device manager in android studio and create vm using Google Play x86_64 API 30 image.
  • 4GB of internal storage is recommended, because apk size of this project is 500+MB.
  1. Launch android emulator.
  2. Change to app directory and run flutter run.

iOS Build

The iOS build doesn't work right now, see #10. Please install the Android SDK and use the aformentioned emulator for development and testing.

The following is iOS build steps. Unlike android, ios needs small space of 2~3 GB.

  1. Install flutter v2.10.5. v3+ seems to have some problem in macos.
  2. Install the latest version of rust.
  3. Install cargo-make.
  4. Run cargo make ios in root directory of this project.
  5. Run flutter pub get in app directory of this project.
  6. Uncomment # platform :ios, '9.0' in Podfile of app/ios directory.
  7. Run flutter run.